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Facebook-Event Berlin – Civil Rights for Refugees! „Aufruhr ist die Sprache der Ungehörten.“ (Dr. Martin Luther King)

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Titel: Civil Rights for Refugees! „Aufruhr ist die Sprache der Ungehörten.“ (Dr. Martin Luther King) Ort:
Rotes Rathaus Berlin und Marienkirche, Karl Liebknechtstraße 8
Startzeit: Sa., 13. Sep. 2014 14:00
Endzeit: So., 14. Sep. 2014 12:00


Instrumentalisierung von Dr. Martin Luther King durch Wowereit, Henkel und Gauck stoppen! Für eine Welt ohne Rassismus, Nationalismus, Ausgrenzung und mit gleichen Menschenrechten für alle!

Den 50. Jahrestag des Besuches des Schwarzen Bürgerrechtlers Dr. Martin Luther King in Berlin nehmen Vertreter_innen der herrschenden Politik zum Anlass, sich als vermeintliche „Demokraten“, „Bürger_innenrechtler“ und „Antirassisten“in Szene zu setzen.

Ausgerechnet jene Politiker wie Henkel und Wowereit, die aktuell für eine Politik stehen, die Refugees und ihre berechtigten Proteste von Beginn an kriminalisiert und mit Repressionen bekämpft, haben.

Jene, die sie dann per „Senatsvereinbarung“ hintergangen, belogen und betrogen, geräumt, auf die Straße gesetzt und zuletzt in Isolation ausgehungert und ausgedürstet haben.

Jene, die Refugees nach kolonialistischer…

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Artworks for Sale

gaza-hope-twArtworks for Sale.

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From The Holocaust To The Massacre In Gaza Through Ben-Gurion Airport, by Miko Peled

Originalmente publicado en Miko Peled:

The morning after “Lailat Al Qadr” the death toll in Gaza was approaching its first thousand. I spent the holy night of “Al Qadr,” (The night before the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is a special night, believed to be the night when the Holy Koran was revealed to the prophet Mohammad)  with friends in Ramallah, after participating in the 48K March for Gaza. The march began in Ramallah and went to Qalandia checkpoint. What began as a peaceful event with families with children and even babies in strollers, ended with young Palestinians with gunshot wounds being rushed in ambulances to the local hospital.

Qalandia crossing was fortified and air tight, and the Israeli soldiers stationed were shooting live ammunition at the crowd. As the ambulances were speeding through the crowd I couldn’t help wondering why there is no hospital between Qalandia and…

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Mothers’ Day in Gaza

Originalmente publicado en Today In Gaza:

What does a mother in Gaza do on Mothers’ Day?

This room is kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge to a family of four in Khan Younis

She wakes to pitch blackness, because there is no electricity to light the room.

She fumbles her way by torch or candlelight (if there is not too much wind to blow it out) to the bathroom.

Is she in luck this-morning? Did the electricity come on during the night and power the pump so that there is water in the roof-top tank to wash with? Even if it is so icy-cold and salty that it stings her eyes almost as much as the teargas that her sisters in the West Bank and Jerusalem must bear?

Is there any water left in the drinking container, to make a cup of coffee, or will she have to stumble into the yard and borrow some from her neighbour’s bucket? Is there even any coffee now that UNRWA has cut her food aid? Will…

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About Motaz Malhees

About Motaz Malhees.

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